Pilot Travel Center

Pilot Travel Center


Street Address:
4032 West Highway 326
Ocala, FL - 34482
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Phone: (352) 867-8300
Fax: (352) 867-8448


Please visit Pilot Travel Center's website or call them to confirm the hours of operation and/or services listed on this website are still available.

  • No. of showers: 5
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Q. How many showers are there at this location?

Q. Is there a fee to use the showers?

Q. Are the facilities safe and clean?


  1. Ames

    I attempted to shower at this location. Becky who was id'd herself as a GM who'd been there 25yrs was incredibly rude. She was advised that pilot is listed as a homeless shower resource on this sight and that no cost was listed. Also that the pilot website did not state homeless people would be charged, it simply stated they believed in it as "restoring dignity." Her exact words were "I'm not giving any showers away." Boils down to: $12 for a Pilot shower.

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