Pilot Express - 1098

Credit: Pilot Express - 1098

Credit: Pilot Express - 1098


Street Address:
400 Doremus Avenue
Newark, NJ - 07105
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Phone: (973) 589-3090
Fax: (973) 589-3092

Opening Hours

Pilot Express - 1098' hours of operation


Please visit Pilot Express - 1098's website or call them to confirm the hours of operation and/or services listed on this website are still available.

Cost to shower is currently $12 (as of 2021)
Large towels are provided.
Showers are clean and lined with nice large tiles, not plastic.

  • Counties served:  Essex
  • No. of showers: 2


Pilot Express - 1098 Pilot Express - 1098 Pilot Express - 1098 Pilot Express - 1098
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Q. How many showers are there at this location?

Q. Is there a fee to use the showers?

Q. Are the facilities safe and clean?

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