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St. Francis House

A Public Shower in Boston, Massachusetts


39 Boylston Street

Boston, MA - 02116

(617) 542-4211


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Credit: St. Francis House

Credit: St. Francis House

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Please visit St. Francis House's website or call them to confirm the hours of operation and/or services listed on this website are still available.

People experiencing homelessness lack many of the basics that others take for granted, such as a daily shower. We provide nearly 10,000 showers a year to our guests, along with toiletries, including shaving cream, razors, toothbrushes and toothpaste.


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About St. Francis House

Counties served: Suffolk

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Q1 Response

How many showers are there at this location?


I believe there are around 12-16 total.

Date added: 2022-07-24 15:13:56

Q1 Response

Is there a fee to use the showers?


The showers are Completely FREE to use👍

Date added: 2022-07-24 15:14:15

Q1 Response

Are the facilities safe and clean?


Usually emergency showers will be just one person.

Date added: 2022-07-24 15:14:45